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Historic March on Washington, DC This Saturday, October 2nd! - (9/29/2010)

On Oct. 2, 2010, tens of thousands of working people, young people, retirees, civil rights activists and many others will come together for a massive march and rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. We will show the obstructionists in Congress that we are many and diverse, strong and united-and we will fight together for the American Dream. We'll return to our local unions, neighborhoods, congregations, schools - and voting booths - with new energy to enact our common agenda.

ONE NATION is a broad and diverse coalition that has come together to build a future of shared prosperity, not stubborn unemployment and a lost generation. ONE NATION includes our union, the AFL-CIO and civil, human rights, faith, environmental and other progressive allies, united to call for:

An economy that works for all;
Good jobs, fair jobs, safe jobs and more jobs;
Wall Street reform;
Quality education for every child;
Reform of our broken immigration system;
And restoring workers' freedom to form unions and bargain collectively.

A bus will be stopping at the Local 102 Union hall at 6:00 am on Saturday the 2nd, and then stopping at the other locals in NJ before heading to Washington DC. If you are available this weekend, please attend. For more information, please contact the hall at 973.887.1718.

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